Classics Restaurant....we want you to feel at home with us

Classics Restaurant is to be found in the Fenland village of Manea. The restaurant fronts Station Road (yes Manea still has a Station! ) & has had a varied history. It is still remembered by some of the older Manea residents as one of the village shops when it served the village as a general stores & bakery. It has also been a guest house & Italian Restaurant over the years.

We opened Classics in 2002 wanting to create a restaurant offering a traditional dining experience in a timeless setting. The welcoming lounge means that you can relax in comfort before & after your meal. The main & 2nd smaller dining rooms mean that all customers whether part of a group or a couple wanting a more intimate experience can be sure of the perfect setting.

We think linen table cloths & serviettes, space around your table & no one rushing you are all important. We think a selection of Classic dishes cooked with good quality ingredients followed by home-made puddings or flavoursome English cheeses rounded off with an excellent cup of coffee or liqueur are essential.

Please come & meet us at Classics & see if you agree.

 Martyn & Julia Sullivan


Welcome to Classics